Uninhabited islands

Published on Nov 6, 2020

When thinking of an uninhabited island the first image is usually a tropical island surrounded by the endless sea. But an island doesn't have to be a tropical paradise in the middle of nowhere to be uninhabited.

In Finland, the land of thousand lakes we have 168000 lakes. Many with their own islands. Our coastal areas also have plenty of islands scattered around. In total there are over 220000 islands in Finland with a bit below half residing in the lakes. Out of all those only 590 are permanently inhabited. So here in Finland alone we have over 200000 uninhabited islands. And I can assure you most of them are far from that image of a tropical island.

Even though it's so common here it's still not the first thing that comes in to our mind when thinking the uninhabited island. I have literally been in dozens of those islands! Yet, when asked what would I take to an uninhabited island I don't even consider anything I have taken to any of them.