Twitter Needs a Crisis-Verified Labels

Published on Mar 20, 2020

When people are looking for news and information, they turn to Twitter to find out what’s happening in the world right now. This is especially true during crises, where Twitter has become the first place people go to seek accurate information, resources, and breaking news from journalists, leaders, and experts -- medical staff, researchers, emergency managers.

We understand the significance of this responsibility and our teams are building new ways for people who use Twitter to identify original sources and authentic information.

With that goal in mind, today we are introducing specialized experts labels for verified experts on the frontlines of the current pandemic.

The above doesn't exist yet...

Twitter could become the central communication hub that we need right now.

The missing piece is a verification system suited for the current crisis.

The generally applied blue check mark works during peacetime: it protects celebrities from being impersonated and prevents the spread of most misinformation. But, right now Twitter isn't being used primarily to keep up to date on the latest celebrity gossip or other peacetime information. Right now it's a crisis, and the information feed is too much.

At a time like this communication, the ability for emergency personnel like doctors, to learn from each other is the keystone feature.

But the signal to noise ratio must be improved. There are many tweets blowing up sharing stories about how some doctor did something somewhere. But with so many of these 'i heard' stories going around with no way to trace it back to a verified source, trying to stay updated on Twitter feels like drinking from a fire-hose.

Implement a Crisis-Verified badge so that we can know an account belongs to a Doctor in Seattle, or a Paramedic in Seoul.

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