Published on Aug 26, 2020

It's fun how Nocodemag twitter still works. I do not post there anything but it still gains new followers. I used it today just to promote my no-code T-shirt design. 

Today was a weird day I do not have any power. I could feel it already in yesterday's boxing lesson. I feel weak and dont wanna do anything. I do not feel sick just weak. I hope it's gonna get better.  I was still able to make the design, so at least I didn't waste all day. At night I am gonna go to play soccer again. I need to get better so I need to keep practice. 

I am fully focused on designing now. Just do a new design every day. Learn Adobe photoshop[ and illustrator from different kinds of youtube videos. Also, try to gain some knowledge in the print on demand hustle. I would like to go just with the hustling way (making designs according to trends) but also put more art into the creation. I always try to make the design that I would personally wear. Of course, I am not able to make a good design every day but most of the time :).

OK, let's go. 


Stay with me. Efran