Published on Sep 2, 2020

Busy day. Today i was for once a while a profesional uncle. In the morning i took a train and headed to my oldest brother. he has two girls and one boy. So kinda crazy start of my day. most of the day i played with the puzzels and my nieces and nephew just hang around. They were nice still it exhausted me a lot. Around 4 o clock i took back a train back home and there were already waited niece and nephew from my middle brother. Another round of babysiting. This time it was fortunately just for one hour otherwise i would die, haha. I love them of course but wow now i need some sleep, haha.

Anyway, its not all for today. i am going to theathre with my sister. we should go on Friday but it was canceled due to bad weather (its outside). Todays weather isnt much better but at least its not raining. So it should be on.

i need to take a nap before i go otherwise will fall asleep. I havent have such a long day a while but yeah better than just hang around and do nothing the whole day.


stay with me. Efran.