Published on Aug 19, 2020

Normal Tuesday. I kept designing, watching design related videos, and checking some Redbubble tips. Sometimes I make the design in a minute sometimes I simply bring up a solid idea but that's part of the challenge.

Tomorrow I am gonna have day off cuz I will visit my friend in the mountains. I do not have big plans there just go for some hike and maybe some barbeque at night. I kept promising this trip to my friend ages so finally, it is here even though just for one day. I am gonna take a bus in the morning and arrived there around midday. It is quite far but at least I can make all the writing there. :)

Nice nature and fresh air it's all that I need.  It's important to clear my mind sometimes. Cannot wait.  

I am gonna go play soccer later if is not gonna rain. I hope I am gonna play better than last time it was a disaster. Keep it simple and dont overthink my play is the best recipe.

Yesterday boxing, that's how I like it. Keep the workout going. My physique is the best in months. Cannot give up now. 


Stay with me. Efran