Published on Aug 12, 2020

Random words.

I keep trying to improve my designing skills. I decided to do a little challenge again. I need to make one design a day and upload it on Redbubble. Just to keep me busy and don't hang around. It should be a good design, not just everything that I make. I have an idea for today just can not really put it together. The one day limit should help me to not overthink things.  

Most of the day I just watch Youtube videos to get some inspiration. My Adobe photoshop knowledge improving rapidly but there is still a lot to learn. I combine Illustrator with Photoshop therefore I am glad I took the udemy courses for both programs it is very handy.


After the yesterday's rain is a beautiful day again. I am gonna play soccer today. We can finally meet up. It's so much fun, I just need to improve my skills a little bit. My knee does not hurt anymore so all good, I will be more careful today, it's the only problem with soccer it is very easy to get injured and my knees are not in the best shape after my freestyle snowboarding career, hehe. 

Stay with me. Efran.