Published on Aug 21, 2020

It was a nice day off in the mountains. I really like to switch off my mind. I didn't do anything. We did a nice track, eat very good food and drink a little. Perfect.

I came back quite early today but I keep in a chill mode until the evening. I will start working tomorrow. No stress.

I can feel a little bit the drunken alcohol. I am not used to drinking and if I drink a little bit more it is not good for my body.

Ok, the plan is clear. I still like to do all the designs so that's my daily bread. I would like to make also a few videos about the making process. Will see for how long I am gonna enjoy this muse. 

All my other projects are on hold (as usual). I lost track a lot but I am not super worried about it. Will decide in the following days how to continue. 

Okay, this is a very weak review of my past two days but it is what it is. It's gonna get better soon. It will help me. I am sure. 

Enjoy your Thursday. 


Stay with me. Efran