Transforming One's Trauma

Published on Jul 28, 2020

We all carry around unprocessed trauma, though we might not think of it that way. Trauma could even be something like being told you’re not good at math and feeling hurt by it. Until it’s been processed and resolved, it weighs on us and holds us back.

But, as Benjamin Hardy explains in his book Personality Isn’t Permanent, you can proactively reframe and reintegrate your unprocessed trauma. You can intentionally look at it differently and think of how it happened for you instead of to you. This is very powerful. You can actually transform the meaning of past events to change them from holding you back to making you stronger.

It’s a very empowering idea, but something of an unusual one. We’ve all heard that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Which is along the same lines, but doesn’t clearly spell out how trauma can make you stronger. While the idea of transforming your trauma is simple and actionable. And something that had never been clearly explained to me before.

Since reading Hardy’s book, I have tried transforming my trauma with some focused journaling. Summarizing how trauma has affected me until now, and then rewriting the story to make it helpful to me going forward. It is a strange experience. It feels almost like I’m casting a spell on myself. It’s thrilling to feel past events change from enfeebling to empowering. It’s up there with gratitude in its unbelievable effectiveness, and should be recognized as such and more widely practiced.