Tools to gain clarity and make good decisions

Published on Oct 27, 2020

Here are a few of the exercises I use to gain clarity and make good strategic business decisions:


  • Morning pages by Julia Cameron
  • 80/20 or the Pareto principle, eg ask yourself: Which 20% of my clients are driving 80% of my revenue? Which 20% of my clients are leading to 80% of my happiness? etc/  

Change perspective:

  • Reframing by Karim Benammar from THNK, here's an online tool: 
  • Fear Setting by Tim Ferriss 


  • The ONE Thing: What's the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? Find more info, book, courses and webinars here
  • Not-To-Do List and Needle Movers Tool by Tony Robbins 

Focus on the customer and money mindset:

  • Buyer Personas by Adele Revella
  • Pricing canvas by the Happy Startup School, Carlos Saba and Laurence McCahill 

In a group setting:

Can you recommend additional tools that you use regularly?