Today I finally said NO

Published on Jul 28, 2020

I said NO to older commitments that didn't suit me anymore

I said NO to roles and responsibilities that no longer make my eyes sparkle or my heart jump

I said NO to feeling guilty for not doing more

I said NO to spending time with people whose vibe doesn't energise me

I said NO to values that I can no longer support

I said NO to pushing things that don't feel right

I said NO to stuff that looks good on the CV

I said NO to investing time in projects that have potential but where I can't see the vision

I said NO to working for free

and then I realised, 

this meant that I finally said YES...

  • what lets my eyes sparkle
  • focus on what matters
  • aligning my commitments and energy
  • going with the flow
  • my needs
  • time for what and whom I love and need
  • learning and growing
  • new opportunities
  • what feels right
  • myself


Yes it took courage. I've been dreading to do these calls. I was afraid to let people down. I was afraid this meant I gave up without having made the best out of it yet. I was afraid I'd miss out on opportunities (that came if I stuck with it for a bit longer). I was afraid to do the wrong thing. 

But damn does it feel good to say NO to some things, which is essentially a YES to other things. Closing some old doors. Opening new ones. 

It feels liberating.