Time for a clip

Published on Oct 6, 2020

What happens when you have a surge of puppy purchases during lockdown combined with the closure for two months of the pet grooming industry. You end up with a massive backlog of long-haired and curly-haired dogs needing a trim.

Our Groodle puppy Louie is one of those dogs desperate for a clip. He has just turned six months old and is yet to have his first clip. He is now looking like a shaggy bear, and you can see how hot he is getting when the heat is on. The other day I had to get the scissors out to cut the hair back from around his eyes. The poor fella couldn't see and kept bumping into walls.

We had contemplated trimming him ourselves. But just like when my mum tried to cut my hair when I was a little tacker, it wasn't a good idea. When we turned the clippers on, he just freaked out and ran away. It was better that we leave it to the experts.

Fortunately, I have got him a booking with a professional dog groomer in two weeks. There is no need for him to have a fancy clip, just a good haircut.