Published on Sep 4, 2020

Today I made some rests. I finished all my posts for my personal blog and also write a short article for my local niche project. It was after three months but I saw some numbers and that project still catching up so I should try to write there a little bit more. 

I did some designs but the ideas slowly fading. Some days I could bring 5 new designs but today I just stare at a blank space. I do finish my challenge soon (it's day 22 today) and I already uploaded 40 designs on Redbubble but these last days will be hard. I use some doodles from my Photoshop challenge so sometimes I cheat a little bit but what not use it, right. :)

I do not give up. 


Yesterday's boxing lesson was good. It's interesting to see that once it can be a disaster and everyone is beating me up but the next time I can make a lot of improvements. It's important to focus on the ups and dont be too down cuz of the downs :D. I must go there regularly if I miss training my confidence is gone and everyone just destroys me.  Lesson learned :)


Stay with me. Efran