Three thoughts for the day

Published on Jul 15, 2020

Rest is gold

It's much better today after a day of rest.

I started writing for my website and did more brainstorming for my new experiment.

But there comes a point when there's just too much planning and doing too little. It would be nice to go live today, even with less than desirable copy.


Work before words

Choosing a domain name should be the last thing, not the first. This is a mistake I keep making. I had an idea and I start buying the first  .com I can reasonably find. Such an early-stage idea very often morph into something else, so the name could very well be invalid. I'm now of the opinion that everything including copy etc should be done way before the domain name is bought. 


No calling

Is it possible for one not to work at all for life? By "work", I mean finding a vocation, an occupation, or making a contribution to the world in some way. Is there such a thing? I'm meeting more people like that these days and I just feel that it is such a waste of one's life. What impact they could make on others, instead of just living until they are dead. Furthermore, they rely on others to survive. I find this truly selfish, and saddening that I see this way of living more prevalent than ever before. I don't get it.