Three-Day Weekend

Published on Sep 5, 2020

Multiple times today I heard various people reference excitement at the prospect of a three-day weekend due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday. For me, it's more like a two-day weekend, which is a nice reprieve from my usual one-day weekends. Weekends are rather short when you work a good portion of the day on Saturday. That's life when you have two gigs.

It seems like there is less pressure now to come up with a good reply when asked if you have any plans for the weekend. Before COVID, the sky was the limit. Now, you can say you're just staying home and people will understand. I think some people ask me if I have any plans for the weekend just so that I will ask them what their plans are and they can't wait to tell me. 

Later in the month, I will be taking several days off for a true five-day weekend. I am definitely due for some time off and time away from the homestead. I checked my time in the system, and it looks like I've only taken three days off this year. Technically, I get three weeks of vacation every year. I guess it's time to start using some.