This week's review

Published on Jul 26, 2020

? What I discovered about myself

  • I generally cringe at myself after a phone call or social interaction of any sort. This must have something to do with self-confidence, or just wanting to be liked. For example, I'm always wondering why I said things I shouldn't have said. I need to look into this to lessen this habit because it does keep me up at night.
  • I need to learn more about sales. I have no patience with it; but now that I'm starting out on my own, I need to develop this skill. 
  • Writing, speaking and communicating in general just needs to be better.

? What I learnt this week:

  • While I was on a taxi yesterday, we drove past a location I used to work, and it brought out bad vibes. It occurred to me that I did not enjoy what I did previously, not one bit. I did alright, but I was never quite satisfied. This gut message should be heeded in some way.

? What was great this week:

  • I hit all my workout goals! 
  • I had some interviews, and proposals sent out.
  • I had a great housewarming party! Its been four months since I had a good party, but...

? Not so great:

  • All the social distancing was kinda out the window because although we tried our VERY BEST to stay outdoors it was raining the whole day, and there were some hugs involved. Facepalm I know!
  • I'm dreading my new project more and more now. I think I should just suck it up and get it done, though, so I can fail faster.

?What I will do better next week:

  • Get my project up live.

?Random thoughts:

  • Collaboration is almost always better with problem-solving.