This week's review

Published on Jul 18, 2020

? What I discovered about myself

  • My energy levels go up and down quite unpredictably (possibly due to chronic fatigue syndrome) and it is even more varied this week. 
  • It occurred to me now more so than ever than my energy is a valuable resource. On a good day, I might have 8 hours of good energy (mentally and physically), and on some, I'd be lucky to have 4. Being absolutely clear on how I want to spend my day has become even more crucial than ever.
  • I found out that there is a fine line between taking a break in the midst of a deep work session, and not killing the flow when it occurs. It's hard to know when to stop, especially when you're enjoying yourself.
    However, it has become more apparent that it is actually more time-efficient when I step away from a problem I'm solving or something I'm building because new ideas emerge whenever I take a pause. I read somewhere that I should focus without distraction for 40 minutes maximum then take a 20-minute break. I can't remember where this is from now, but this week, this came to mind and it is absolutely valid! I would experiment with the 40/20 split.

? What I learnt this week:

  • Every single WordPress theme has a learning curve. For one, a demo import simply means one template, and for some, I get a whole load of pages installed from every single demo. It is not clear how the sections are built, there is so much I need to figure out. Sometimes the documentation is truly useless.  I asked a friend who is a WP dev about this and he said this is exactly why he mostly uses the same theme over and over. RIGHT!
  • Conversion copywriting is so interesting. 

? What was great this week:

  • Progressed on my new project, however slow.

? Not so great:

  • Slow progress on my new project.
  • Lack of energy this week.
  • When I work, I tend to ignore everything else, this includes sleep, socializing, reading, exercising, walking 10,000 steps per day, calling my parents, online courses etc. My mind tells me I should keep going and when this whole project is "done", my life can resume back to normal. I think this isn't a good way; I should fit work in with my life and not the other way round.

?What I will do better next week:

  • Step away from my work sessions more deliberately to be more efficient with my time.
  • Make sure I do not ignore other things in life just to hit hypothetical milestones in my work.

?Random thoughts:

  • It occurred to me that since I sleep and wake at ungodly hours I could change the time zone here. I sleep late and wake up late, and when I finally write before I go to bed, it says I've missed my time to write and the streak is gone. Hehe its quite funny.