These days

Published on Aug 25, 2020

These days moving forward seems hard, even almost impossible on some days,

like swimming against a current.

Tiny task seem like big insurmountable peaks

I started to doubt my capabilities, my skills, my mindset, myself, ...

Why is it so hard? What do I do wrong?

Until my friend reminded me that we are (still) in the midst of a global pandemic.

Even though here in Switzerland we've been out of lockdown a few months already, something still feels off. 

On the surface, it looks almost like "normal". But appearances are deceiving. We were fast in getting used to the "new normal". 

People struggle, in a lot of different ways, whether it's to find or keep their jobs, to motivate their team remotely over zoom-calls or keep attracting clients back to their businesses. 

Underlying that are a lot of fears buried. Uncertainties are floating invisibly in the air. 

It feels like people are still in hibernation, waiting to wake up, make sense of the new world and plant new seeds. 

Context, baby! Look at the world and put your own struggles into perspective. View it from the mountain top where your own problems look tiny. 

Just like success is never just attributable to your actions alone, struggling is neither. 

You're doing all you can. It's f***ing hard. It's harder than usual. 

Give yourself a break and cut yourself some slack.