There is no wheelchair for the brain

Published on Nov 16, 2020

To be healthy (or wellthy as I like to say), we need to keep our brains and bodies in good shape. But let's say you could only focus on one, brain or body. Which would you pick?

We have lots of help for the body. Organ goes bad? Transplant. Big toe has gangrene? Cut it off. Arm ripped off in some horrific farm equipment accident? Get an artificial limb. Can't walk around anymore? Get a wheelchair.

There is no wheelchair for the brain. Other than brain surgery, there isn't much that our current medical science offers the brain. Once the brain goes, you're done. I saw this first-hand with my father who had Lewy Body dementia. Robin Williams had the same affliction. In his last year of life, my dad was not the same person. 

Based on current research, some people start to show the biological changes that are related to Alzheimer's disease twenty or more years before showing symptoms. You can't wait until you get "old" to start working on your brain. The sooner you start, the better chance you will have at keeping your brain functioning optimally well into the "golden years."

Today's Be Wellthy newsletter is on the topic of brain health, and more specifically, simple rules for nutrition for optimum brain health. 

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