The weight of hope

Published on Oct 18, 2020

My friend Jo had summed up the mood of Melburnians when she posted on Facebook, "Having trouble balancing ‘the weight of hope against the light of patience’ today. How about you, my Melbourne friends?"

After being in lockdown since early July, there is that air of anticipation as we wait for the announcements tomorrow on what lockdown restrictions will be changed or removed. 

We have been warned for months that a premature end to the lockdown could have us entering a new lockdown before Christmas, and nobody wants that. Nevertheless, the majority of Melburnians understand that the current restrictions are bringing the new coronavirus cases down and when asked to be patient, they will be.

The targets set by the Government that would have had us automatically take the next step in the Governments COVID normal roadmap will not be reached tomorrow. We are close, but not close enough. As a result, it is anticipated that many of the current restrictions will likely be eased, rather than removed. For example, the restriction that you can only travel five kilometres from your home is likely to be extended to twenty kilometres.

We have been patient, and now it is time to be rewarded for that patience. Let's hope that reward arrives tomorrow.