The Wandering Earth

Published on Feb 14, 2019

If you like sci-fi movies, give the movie, The Wandering Earth, a chance and check it out.

It's a Chinese science fiction film about saving the earth and people when the sun is about to turn into a red giant. Everyone on earth comes together to save the plant by propelling the earth out of our current solar system. It takes thousands of years to do it. The movie is about how the project roles out, things they encounter on their journey, and the emotions of people. 

Things I really liked:

  • It was great to see a movie where the main character's story doesn't revolve around a romantic relationship.
  • The emotional arc of an (Asian) family relationship was well played out. 
  • The graphics were phenomenal and it's hard to tell if it's CGI or not at first glance. 
  • The slow-motion scenes were well timed and it fits the story.
  • Even if you didn't know the movie language or don't want to read the subtitles, you can still understand the movie. 

Things that I wasn't a fan of:

  • Jumping around the timeline was a bit confusing. This is probably because I was trying to read the subtitles and look at the screen for time stamps.
  • The backstory of characters could have been developed further.
  • The scene where the sister's backstory was told was not a good fit for the plot. It felt very abrupt and short.

Overall, a great movie to check out!