The Three S's of Success

Published on Sep 27, 2020

There are three S's of Success. Imagine drawing a triangle and each point has one S. 

Sales success - All about sales and generating income.

Social success - You are viewed as a success among your peers, people you respect and are a critical success in your chosen field.

Self success - In your head, you have achieved what you wanted to achieve for yourself and no one else. You are genuinely proud of your accomplishment and you are satisfied. 

Some people feel that without self success, no amount of sales or social success will ever feel meaningful.

The Three S's of Success apply to all industries, professions, and aspects of life. Success is not one-dimensional. You must decide what kind of success you want. 

Here's the catch: It is impossible to have all three successes. At least at first. If you have one type of success for a long time, and then you add another for a very long time, then go ahead and try for the third. Most often, two corners of the Success Triangle actually prevent the third. 

Sales success can block self success. You can get hooked on likes, reads, comments, memberships, book sales, etc., and forget your intrinsic motivation for why you started.

Self success does not necessarily have a marketable strategy--no sales or social success automatically follows it. 

Social success can block sales success. Think about critically-acclaimed movies that bring in a fraction of the sales brought in by a relatively hollow blockbuster created to appeal to the masses.

Know which of the 3 S's of Success you want.

--Excerpt from The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha