The support network

Published on Nov 19, 2020

We can all feel a little overwhelmed with life from time to time, and it does not help when a pandemic is adding a huge weight on our shoulders. Maintaining your mental health has become more important than ever, and having a good support network is the key.

Throughout this year, my apprehension about certain things has often escalated to anxiety, and this has made me impatient, intolerant and sometimes angry. When I am feeling this way, it is an aspect of my character that I dislike - a place I don't want to be.

My family are number one when it comes to providing support; they are invaluable at giving me a perspective on what is important in life. A little cliche, I know, but it is true.

The other support I should never discount is my counsellor. A good counsellor will listen, empathise and then provide you with sound advice and occasionally, a few home truths. I don't have to be at rock-bottom to engage with my counsellor, but I do prefer to meet with her when I feel like I am struggling the most. 

Sharing your difficult experiences with others can help you understand that you are not the only one feeling this way. I have a close friend who is excellent at supporting me when I am struggling. It is good when I can reciprocate the support when he needs it.

The good thing is that my support networks assist in getting my mindset to a place of peace. It's a good place to be.