The same problem I always have

Published on Aug 22, 2020

I find it very difficult to present my ideas and answer questions from a client.

I don't know how to read what they are actually asking. A million things go through my head at once when a question arrives; do they literally mean what they ask? Do I take them back to how this actually works?

Everything is made worse when I start answering what I think they mean.

But here's the other thing, I have a severe lack of patience trying to educate people on how I arrive at the solution. This is different from providing advice to startups, which I have no problem with because I already know where their baseline is. 

In addition, when the question seems to be challenging the integrity of my work, I start to get defensive because I take so much pride and effort in what I do, probably even unnecessarily so.

I find it very difficult to understand what they are trying to get at.

Of course on hindsight, I should just try to understand what they are asking, which I promise to be better at.

But I cannot say I enjoy it.