The Polymath's Mindset

Published on Aug 25, 2020

Homo Universalis, or polymath, or Renaissance man/woman is a person who is proficient in a range of disciplines. A perfect case is a person mastered artistic, intellectual and phisical activities.  A polymath is somebody who's knowledgeable, well-educated and fit. Becoming a person like this is a life-long challenge and requires a special mindset.

Polymaths have the drive to earn and apply skills in a quick and efficient way. The main quality of polymath of natural childish curiosity. You should be eager to ask questions and learn different things from any topic that interests you. You should follow your obsessions and passion and do not suppress them. That makes all the learning process creative and coherent. You pick the thing you want to learn, dig into it and discover other areas on the way. It helps to build connections between things. The more you learn, the more patterns and associations between disciplines you find.

Polymaths are autodidacts. They are able to learn on their own and do it throughout the whole life. Only being a life-long learner makes you able to master a few disciplines, you can't do it in five or ten years. It rather takes decades. That's why maintaining motivation towards self-actualisation and learning is crucial.

Polymaths don't only learn but practice. It keeps their skillset practical rather than theoretical. Anything polymaths learn becomes useful one day. A well-known Learn - Create - Share does a good job for a polymath. And now it is easier than it's never been before.