The Newsletter: Be Wellthy

Published on Oct 1, 2020

Yesterday I teased that I will be launching a newsletter, and I'm happy to report today that it is launched!

In terms of the topic, it was pretty obvious to me that it would be something in the health and wellness space. I needed to figure out the angle, and I landed on a great concept. 

The lesson I learned from using Anchor to create and publish a podcast is that there is no reason to make things complicated. If a tool exists that makes things easier, use it. I decided to use Substack to create and publish my newsletter. It is very simple to use. I brought over about 60 emails from a previous endeavor that is now defunct. Perhaps some of those folks might be interested in the topic. Some may unsubscribe.

That's the beauty of an email newsletter. People need to sign up to get it, so it should only be going to the people who want it. If you enjoyed any of my writings here on the topic of health and wellness, you are one of those people.

I have not been thinking too far ahead in terms of frequency or converting to a paid subscription. For now, I'm working on producing content to help people. 

Without further delay, here is the launch of my newsletter: Be Wellthy