The mindset needed to get into flow & create

Published on Oct 28, 2020

I've been struggling to get into flow and be productive the last few days. Maybe it's due to the phase I'm in. I'm currently creating a new program. To do so, I blocked time to focus and write, alone. Counterproductive thoughts popped up, like: What am I doing? Is this really needed? Will it be beneficial enough? Is it the right time? Will I find enough people who want this? Maybe I should invest my time into something else? 

What helped me to get back into flow was Dean Graziosi's input on selling yourself each morning. What he meant by that is: to connect with your purpose, the reason WHY you do what you do. In my words: Who do I create this for and how do I want to serve them? 

These questions shift my perspective from doubting myself and my offer to looking at the bigger picture and putting myself into a mindset of giving. 

I moved from worrying about the future and obsessing about outcomes I can't control to the present moment. 

What can I offer with what I know now that somebody else needs? 

This gets me out of my thinking mode and makes me take action.

There are times for thinking, creating and reflecting. Currently, I wanna stay in the creation phase. Once I've finished writing and put it out there, I'll reflect with the feedback and results I got. And then, I repeat.


Funny analogy: My friend compared this creation phase to the birthing process, in the sense that it's intense, you don't know what will emerge and when it will finally be here.