The last quarter

Published on Aug 30, 2020

It feels like I may have said this before - for another year - but this year is ridiculous. Both on a micro and a macro level.

I think by 2020, anyone who isn't actively monitoring and controlling what type of content they expose themselves to, will be overwhelmed and unhappy. Too much is happening this year. And it is making social media and the news networks too much money. So they like our constant participation,

I have already limited my social media to LinkedIn only so far. Tik Tok is out, FB is out. Instagram is out. I need to find a reputable source for news that will try to get me to be hyped about every little thing. I was told Twitter was it but I have never been a fan. I know I have an account but I may have lost the password repeatedly and dont care to recover it.

So coming Sept 1 - it will be the last quarter of 2020. I honestly feel like the year just started but it has also overstayed its welcome. I am ready for 2021 and I am also eager to do a few things this last quarter. 100% focused on 2 things only. Health and career. Health will always have to be my #1 focus. It has a direct impact on my enthusiasm to get anything done. Career will be the second cause I don't see myself doing what I am doing now - for too much longer.  In order to make dramatic changes, I have to prepare my skill set. And that is what I am doing and will continue to focus on the last quarter.

What do you want to do to send 2020 off properly?