The future is bright...

Published on Sep 10, 2020

...when I connect with my vision and dreams. I noticed that actively remembering the images of where I see myself in a year or 5 years from now, helps me. I gain the strength, emotional resilience and energy to tackle the obstacles and move forward. And oh boy there are many obstacles when starting a business! Most of my challenges live in the mind, in the forms of limiting beliefs, fear of failure, fear of not doing enough or the right thing, or being competent enough, money worries and the list goes on.
On a good day, these monsters in the mind are silent and hide. On a bad day, they love to shout, stomp, argue and block me, just like fearful children who want to be heard and loved. 

These monsters are completely normal, everyone has them and conscious people are aware of them. I made peace with the fact that they will never completely leave. I believe it's not about becoming fearless but about moving forward despite the fear. 

I started viewing the monsters as challengers who want to see how important something is to me. The more I care about something, the louder they usually are. 

When they are loud connecting with my vision prevents me from giving up and allows me to move forward. 

In that sense, I wish you beautiful daydreams!