The Fine Art of Procrastination

Published on Jan 19, 2019

I am an expert in dilly dallying, task avoidance and chronic time wasting.  Perhaps it's a fine line to call it fine art.  Although, I'm sure some of us are much better at procrastinating than others.

The unfocused effort it takes to divert our attention from the matter at hand to random thoughts of nothingness is in my opinion a talent.  A much maligned talent that is apparently discouraged considering the endless supply of focus, task and time management apps on the market.

"Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow."

I don't think anyone appreciates the advantages of being a serial procrastinator.  My house is certainly cleaner, my contribution in making the Egg famous on instagram must be socially worthy and veering off yesterday to take a personality test is sure to offer valuable feedback to make myself a more likable procrastinator.

Not to mention the fact that financially, we save a boat load of money by just not buying right away, even if we might need the item.  Amazingly, sales come up out of nowhere for us to finish the check-out.  The "Let Me Wait" method of buying stuff is quite efficient!

The lesson for today is not to let anyone derail you back to hyper focused task oriented time management, also known as GSD (Get shit done).  Sometimes, it's therapeutic to bounce around your head like a pinball machine.  

Disclaimer:  Tone of article contains verbiage tainted with hints of facetious humor and not to be taken at face value.  In some extreme cases, procrastination can cause unemployment and heated arguments with your partners...  (end of disclaimer).

Until tomorrow.