The "fake it until you make it" way to happiness

Published on Aug 18, 2019

This expression has been used a lot in the world of online business and entrepreneurship/solopreneurship. But does it work for happiness?

If you accept what I have been saying in other posts (especially about consciousness and my recent #masterhearting posts), I assume you have moved - or are trying to move - to a higher level of consciousness than that in which you view the world around you as the cause of your state of happiness; in which you feel a victim of the world and people; in which you feel you are not in control of your life.

For happiness is not a destination or something that comes from anything other than within ourselves. And we can begin to shift our state of happiness simply by making the choice to do so. Of course simple is not necessarily the same as easy. But, by boiling it down to a simple choice, it allows, at least, a chance to "fake it till you make it".

I recently came across a neat little technique called Segment Intending which is a daily exercise that uses a simple question: wouldn't it be nice if...?

Basically, you break your day into segments (breakfast, commute, working on projects, lunch, etc.) and for each one, ask yourself the question and fill in the gap with what you'd like to happen - like a traffic free commute, a smooth and productive couple of hours working on your projects or a happy, social lunch.

This can have surprising results on your happiness and your actual day. I suppose it's a bit like the weird thing in quantum physics where effect can actually precede the cause (@jasonleow wrote about the physics of gratitude and abundance yesterday)

By creating good feelings of what you'd like to happen, even if reality is currently very different, your energy shifts and you actually start noticing opportunities to feel happier, be more productive or more sociable. This is the best way to being awakening to your true power and learning to live the happy life you are meant to lead.

Years ago, going through a tough time (I would say breakup but that never actually happened...) I decided I needed to shift my energy and started looking at myself in the mirror every day and saying "I choose happiness". 

That simple choice was enough to kick off major change. It helped me conceive of a new tool which I began to share in another account (@theemotionswitch) earlier this year.

In short, that simple choice was enough for me become happy again. So I invite you to use it to fake it until you make it - choose to be happy NOW!