The Dog Whisperer

Published on Nov 22, 2020

A dog whisperer is a person who can talk to dogs. They are not telepathic with our canine friends, rather, they can ascertain what the dog is trying to communicate through its body language. The practice is centred around the application, and understanding of dog psychology – pack dynamics, body language, voice, energy, and the relationships between humans and dogs.

Today we had a dog whisperer come and visit Louie the Groodle, to assist in taking a few of the rough edges off his most annoying behaviours. Now Louie's behaviour is not too bad, but he does have a bit of a habit of wanting to pull on the lead when walking, and he does like to jump on people and other dogs.

Within minutes, the dog whisperer had Louie in control. No jumping, no barking, and Louie just sat quietly without moving. When we ventured out for a walk, we were shown how to walk him with a choker and leash, including how to lead him on a long leash. Louie was great, pleased to walk alongside without pulling on the lead. It was a remarkable transformation.

Of course, it is not about training the dog, it's about training his owners. We need to show Louie the boundaries and not mollycoddle him so much. There will be no more treats for him, and he will be limited to rope and rubber ball toys from now on.

In an after-dinner walk this evening, Louie was a new dog and I was a happy owner. 

Keep it up, Louie.