The deep end

Published on May 17, 2019

That was a shock. 

Sign up and there it is. 

No f***ing about. 

I'm sure you'll all remember it, and the surge of emotion that came the first time you saw it.

You look away. 

But when your gaze returns, it's still there!! Just there in the left hand corner of the screen - "17 hours, 46 minutes and 31 seconds left to write before the end of the day."

For some, it may have been a physiological response - a heightened heart beat, narrowing of vision, shallower breaths, perspiration. For others, it may have been more of a psychological response; that inner voice telling you that you're in over your head, that you're a fraud, that no one cares so don't bother - a retreat in to oneself. 

For me, it was initially a feeling of blame: who the f*** do you think YOU are? Whatever I write or do not write is YOUR fault... I  haven't even set a password and you're already trying to shame me in to writing something. How f***ing dare you. 

That immediate response was quickly over-ruled by my more creative (and definitely competitive) side. And here we are... 

My flight just got called for boarding. 


(I wonder if people in Japan felt the same urgency given they read from right to left?).