The Benefits of Helping

Published on Jul 27, 2020

I spent a few hours helping a loved one move yesterday. I was a little hesitant to get involved, to be honest. Yesterday’s tasks included moving a big pile of rocks in 100-degree heat and mid-afternoon sun. But in the end, I was glad I did it and I was grateful to have had the opportunity to help.

Helping others can be refreshing. It’s a break from thinking about one’s own problems. It can put one’s own problems into perspective. It’s always interesting to learn about other people’s problems and compare them with one’s own.

It’s rewarding. It just feels good to help people. It feels good to feel useful and appreciated. It’s especially rewarding when you work alongside others on a task. When you feel the camaraderie of taking on a challenging task together and finishing it. And then you can enjoy a break afterward, and maybe a special treat. Yesterday we got ice cream.

Helping someone gets you more involved in the person’s life and helps you see other ways you can help them. It helps build a healthy, giving relationship. It shows the other person that you care and that they can rely on you for support.

One can always find reasons not to help. Excuses. But helping is a meaningful action. It’s good for the helper and the person who is helped. And, really, in healthy relationships, there are only so many opportunities to help. Most people don’t ask for help unless they really need it. So, usually, an opportunity to help is one to seize.