The 2018 pink shirt (color, cloth, memory)

Published on Jul 27, 2019

Today I'm a version in pink, the only decoration is a white "2018".

Yes, it's a last-summer T-shirt.

You may also wear an old cloth like me, but without a label to speak it out.

The seller may mean it: negatively, embarrass the girl for an old cloth; positively, encourage the girl to keep fit?

Whatever, it's interesting to be a walking time reminder in the school: how's your last summer? Remember me in the same shirt? 

We live in our cloth castle, a year tag on it likes the explicit address of the memory map.

Nowadays, clocks are everywhere, but memories, the unique connections between you and time, are rare. 

Our lives are the sum of the moments, anybody wakes up to pick what to wear in the morning is also deciding your image look of today's memory.

You can't avoid that.

My dressing style is one formula: pure bright colors and no decorative patterns. 

So the morning choices equal to discretely color choices, green, blue, pink or red? Pick one version and start the new day.

If I recall my memories, undoubtedly color-related, first FocusMate session, pink; first 200 WAD post, blue; last barbecue, green;...

These're my colorful moments.