The (final?) countdown

Published on Nov 9, 2020

I'm only three days away from my 700th post in co-writers, two weeks until i have published half my streak on it and a bit over month away using it for two whole year. These might be my last waypoints there as @basilesamel has announced the end of co-writers.

Besides those additional waypoints and achievements the site has offered a nice community and feeling of writing together (and a wider audience I'm sure). During the past two years I have thought of leaving my own platform behind and focus on posting only on co-writers. Now, I'm glad I didn't.

While for me it isn't a big deal: I will miss the community, but my daily streaks goes on just like it has done for almost four years (has it been that long already?). But there are many others who started their streak with then 200wordsaday and their streaks are in danger of coming to an end with it. Sure there are other platforms, other places to write. I know these people won't give up so easily. And luckily Baz has made sure people can take their streaks with them wherever they go.

In any case, it won't be the same. Change can be s great beginning for something new, but it can also be a wall. Change imposes resistance that needs to be overcome. Not everyone will make it.

I hope I could offer an alternative. A new start to keep up the continuity. To make those awesome streaks going for years to come. I do have my own platform. It could be one option. But it would need a lot of rework, and rebranding, to make it a rightful successor for co-writers. I could also spend a weekend building something new...

It's not a technical problem. I know I could offer an alternative. But do I want to take the responsibility?