Tennis, anyone?

Published on Nov 17, 2020

If the reports are true, then Victoria is in for a treat, with plans to play the entire summer of tennis in the Garden State, including the warm-up tennis events for the Australian Open.

With coronavirus concerns for international tennis players traversing the country playing lead up tournaments, it has been proposed that all players would travel directly to Melbourne, and then quarantine in a bubble and have the full summer of tennis played there.

Lead in tournaments to the summer of tennis allow the fans across the country to see their favourite players, and it is also a good way for players to warm up for the year's first Grand Slam event. But, this may be a moot point, as the summer of tennis will be a television event, void of any fans in the stands. Tennis fans will need to be content with watching "Roger, "Rapha" and the "Joker" slug it out from the comfort of their lounge chairs.

There is a small chance that the tennis may not go ahead at all this summer. Several hurdles need to be jumped before any tennis is played in Melbourne this summer. We await the government's announcement with anticipation.