Published on Aug 10, 2019

I am not against them. I want to get one at some point but my friend was getting a full sleeve.


I was against it and really pushed her to rethink about it. My main concern is that in few years it might limit her choices on what to do due to stigma and assumptions around it.

Plus she won't be able to get into hotsprings in Japan with me anymore. 

I know she was doing this for herself and no one else so at least that made me happy about it.

I had to go and see it irl and I was able to catch her at the end of her session.

When I got there and saw the outline of the design, I was so relieved on how pretty the design was and amazed at how big the tattoo was.

We also talked a bit about meaning behind and it why she decided to do it now after talking/ thinking about it for more than year now. 

Also, the tattoo artist was such a badass herself and loved listening to her story on how she got there and what motivates her.

Overall, I am a bit more comfortable about my friend having a full sleeve tattoo.