Talia's foray into free meals

Published on Oct 3, 2019

My first college boyfriend I made because of one simple reason. After leaving the dorms and not having a meal plan, I was crushed by the daily requirement that is food. It wasn't something I realized until I had to prepare or at least pay for every meal every day. But while other girls complained about needing to watch their weight and wishing they could eat more, I was wishing I didn't need to eat at all.

Because living in off campus housing was cheaper than the dorms + meal plan costs, I should've had enough money from my student loans to pay for groceries after paying rent, but after about a month in, there was no money left. I don't know what I spent it on. Probably clothes and just eating out everyday. Stuff like that.

Well anyhow, I guess once I was really hungry was when I saw myself starting to say yes more to social things. You know when a guy would ask me to lunch or dinner I'd say yes more, and maybe I'd make it seem more like a date so that I could get him to pay for it. But yes, that's how I fed myself for a couple weeks once my student loans ran out. But going on so many dates became a chore. That's when I kind of just went with one boyfriend.