Taking A Break From Preparing

Published on Mar 14, 2019

Tomorrow I have a job interview with a local company. The position is for a web analyst. Now the irony is that they found me online. Originally it was supposed to take place yesterday, but they had to reschedule. After a client call this morning and running an errand I have been preparing for this interview.

The resumes are printed, the suit and shoes are ready. The question now is my mindset ready. The answer is yes. From the initial conversation with the human resources representative, it has left me with a good impression. This organization is professional because they took the time to send me an agenda of who I will be meeting with tomorrow. The job description is detailed, and it aligns with my experience.

Professionally over the last ten years, I have been on numerous job interviews, and they are never alike. The philosophy that I have developed is going on a job interview is like preparing for a final exam where you know all the content but not the questions.

What I have told people lately who are going on job interviews is once you are done ask yourself can you work with these people if you answer yes, then your odds of a second interview or being hired increase. If you answer no even if you like the company and the job odds are it is not going to happen.

Thursday once I have finished there a pizza place nearby that I enjoy so I am going to treat myself to lunch and reflect on what happened.