Sweet hard nothing- doing vs. being 

Published on Jul 24, 2020

Today, I chilled at home, which is not an easy thing to do for me. I see the laundry to be done, the dish washer to be emptied, the flowers to be cut, letters to be opened and all the other tasks. 

It's hard for me to chill whenever I have unfinished business, be it actual tasks or confusing issues or ideas to be thought through in my head. And my mind always finds unfinished business. 

"Doing nothing is hard work."

I agree with Oscar Wilde. However, today the hard work paid off. I rested, mostly without my phone. I told myself: "Today is about being, not doing. Tomorrow is another day to do." This taught me to break my bias towards action. 

Normally, whenever I think of an idea, like getting my mum flowers or making a plan with a friend, I immediately write it down or text it. So dutiful and efficient, right? ;) But why? Because I'm afraid I'll forget it otherwise. 

But if I act upon all the (good) thoughts, questions and ideas immediately, I don't get time to ponder upon them. And come to the eventual conclusion that I might not like the idea or plan, that it's not important, even unnecessary. 

Maybe ideas need time to incubate. And if I write them down too quickly, I interrupt the thinking and creative process. A magical joyful process. From a playful thought to a to do. 

I want to trust that the good ideas come back to me, and even bring their +1s, more and better ideas.