Struggling to write and work on the road

Published on Jun 5, 2019

Over the past week I've been in total "adventure" mode and neglected a lot of my usual daily habits. I want to say that "it's been hard" and make an excuse but I also want to cut myself some slack for enjoying my holiday.

But then again, where do I draw the line between a.) giving myself a break to "slack off" and b.) working and travelling?

I've written about digital nomadding often in the past and discussed it's pro's and con's. The general rule of thumb I like to follow when working and travelling is to take it slow. That's because travel is exhausting ?

This trip has been so incredible but I've found it really hard to do my usual routine things like yoga, reading and writing here on 200 words. Yes, we are hiking a ton each day, and driving a lot, so there is an excuse if I want to lean on that ...

I get back after a day of fun and the very last thing I want to do is get on a computer and work. Writing is hard too, and it's times like these when I start to question it's importance. Is my streak really that important?

But on the other hand I kinda like the "tests" that get thrown at you when building a new habit. Life isn't straightforward and every day is different. We can't always work in perfect conditions. It's at times like these that I start to question the "why" behind the habit. The why for me right now is that I want to be a better communicator. I want to use sophisticated words, think quickly and express myself clearly.

Just recently I got asked to contribute to a programming book. I'm really excited about the offer and am looking forward to it! But you know what ... If I was asked just a few months ago, before I started writing here, I would probably have said "no" for fear of not being good enough, prepared enough, articulate enough or experienced enough.

I know now that as cliche as it sounds, anything is possible, as long as you just start. Small changes over time lead to big results. All it takes is a little commitment each day....

So yeah, this post is a bit of self-prescribed medication to stay on path and just keep on strengthening this new habit.

As for work ... well that's another story because there's money involved. That's a strong enough reason for me to continue... But still I don't think I could sustain this kind of work and travel for much longer. We have one more week of adventures ahead, and then I actually think I'll be looking forward to getting back to a normal "routine", even if it's just for a little bit.