Published on Sep 7, 2020

I am struggling.

I am struggling

to make sense of it all,

to trust,

to believe,

to follow my heart,

to endure the uncertainty,

to comprehend the changes,

to just be,

to be patient,

to be strong,

to be sensitive,

to feel it all,

to tolerate the not knowing,

to surrender.

And it's OK.

We are all struggling,

for it is human to struggle.

It is human to be afraid, to critique, doubt, tumble and fall.

What gives me comfort is that I'm not alone.

Everyone is struggling,

albeit in different ways.

We are all in different boats, fighting different waves, being equipped differently,

but we are in the same storm. 

This too shall pass.

And we'll emerge humbler, more human, more connected and therefore, stronger.