Streak Slavery

Published on Apr 20, 2019

I wanted to see what it was like to disconnect, so I did. It was okay but the long absence made me feel like I'd abandoned the community, which was not my aim.

Then I got back on the saddle and, abruptly, hopped right off again. Over the past week I did a bit of traveling with work. It was intense enough that the 200wad challenge wasn't as important. I would have cared before, but now, I realized, I was no longer a streak slave. 

But did I stop writing? Of course not.

As the streak unraveled yet again, I drafted several pieces. On the plane, on the train, in a small regulation-sized hotel room whose builders didn't deem it important enough to place electrical outlets anywhere near the bed. 

I wrote about a dream I had a year or two ago. Maybe the most intense I've ever dreamed - so much so I can still recall it with ease. And writing about it reminded me of another dream, one I couldn't remember as readily, but it left an impression on me which, if dreams mean anything at all, must be more meaningful than I think. I wrote about it, too. 

I wrote about my days, journal style, in an effort to capture moments I may not otherwise remember. Just today I came up on a social media post with this quote: The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory. It's an old Chinese proverb and a good enough mantra for somebody like me, who's made so many memories and written about so few. Now I know why.

Years ago I wrote on a popular blog which I'd more or less abandoned. But this week I produced two brand new posts and set up the next two. There were other things I wrote about, in snatches. Thoughts and observations mostly. But I wrote, that's what I'm saying.

So what's this have to do with 200wad? 

Before my 46-day streak on here I didn't write as much. Maybe a few times a week, sporadically, without a goal. But now, even if I'm no longer faithful to the daily sacrifice on 200wad, I'm faithful to my writing. Thanks to 200wad writing has become a regular part of life again. I'm observing, thinking, and writing it down. I'm building a cannon from which something significant might one day emerge.  If I'm a slave to anything it's that - not to the streak.