Strategic September progress

Published on Sep 6, 2020

About 1 week of September is gone.

It was a bit stressful. I was frequently reminded of this quote by Mike Tyson -
"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."

Not exactly what I had prepared for. As much as I had my strategic plans for things I cared about, looks like the world had its own strategic plans for me. Had to execute on my plans when I am depending on someone else to sign my paycheck.

Lately, my focus has been about identifying who's strategic plans I am blindly executing. I naively used to assume that people don't all have an ulterior motive in what they do. I easily believed things sold to me in a way that easily gets to me. But everyone seems to be hustling... and I am the last to wake up to that notion.

So September is all about me being strategic like the rest. At least in things that affect my family, my future and things I care about. With that clear a goal, it has been easier to push through what I need to do.

I have started to spend time in doing public facing work. StackOverflow, Medium, LinkedIn and Github have already had some of my attention. I intend to continue to do that and my goal is that in addition to the biographical writing I am doing, I would also write something programming and data science related. Another public facing work that has a compounding effect. Data science is so varied that it is easy to select something fascinating and execute.

So September hasn't been easy so far but being strategic helps push through.