Strategic September

Published on Sep 1, 2020

After reading the ONE thing - I have become more strategic... more deliberate on things I invest my time and energy on. So September is going to see a lot more of that happening.

Strategic goal #1 - Health:

I want to think less about my health and still hit my goals. It is not sustainable to worry about health and not have stress cancel out the benefits. I want to have a routine that feels natural and unrestricted. I need to put my dexcom to full use and remove the things that cause issues. It has become abundantly clear that eating out is just not worth it anymore. Not only does the delivery or price of the food not make any sense.... the food actually doesn't taste good. In addition to that, there are always hidden sugars - a lazy cooks way of adding flavor that I always pay the price for later.

Strategic goal #2 - Career

I will continue to do the data science learning path courses I have signed up for. I will do more of the public facing projects and spice up my github profile. I have already created a resume website but I need to add material to it. Time to get strategic on what I have to show there. Also doing interviews is something I need to get comfortable with doing more of. Especially for leadership roles. I have always stayed away from that in a career setting but I will go for it now.

Strategic goal #3 - Purpose

I am currently working on 3 projects around COVID related efforts in Ethiopia. I continue to work on such things since March and it has made me consider doing it full time. I am contemplating a social innovation type of company. In order to do that, I need to continue to be deliberate about lessons I am learning as I volunteer my time and energy into my current projects. I am also going to go for grants that are available for exactly the type of work I am doing at the moment. I tend to blindly work. I need more strategy than hard work.

Strategic goal #4 - Family & Friends

I have always had an abundance of these. And I have always needed it to be abundant. It has occurred to me that there are people and times when I need to be more available to my family and friends. I need to stop being available indiscriminately. I need to say no to the events and things like jobs and favors and spend more time with people I love. Life is short.

If I had to choose ONE thing out of the 4 - it would be health.
If something is becoming a deterrant to my health - I will be ruthless in what I decide to do about it.

Strategic September is here!