Storytelling Week 4 - Learning to Breath

Published on Feb 4, 2019

During this week's class, I struggled with telling a longer story. Apparently, I was forgetting to breathe ??‍♀️. Here are something things I am going to try every day to get better for next week's class:

  • Abdomen Rather Than Chest

When we normally breathe, we only breath till our chest but we can take more air in by breathing all the way through Abdomen. This is also called active breathing and it is very similar to one of the yoga exercises. 

  • Power Poses

Trying on a couple of power poses before going up to tell a story should also help. From what I heard, it lets you plant yourself and makes you feel like you are in control of the situation.

when you lean against a wall with your back flat against the wall and your legs slightly bent. This position helps you focus on your abdomen while breathing, instead of moving your chest.
  • Taking a Breath After a Sentence

This should be a common sense but as I hear my recording, I noticed that I take a very small pause in between sentences. My goal is to take a long pause and use that time to take a breath in to support my voice.