Stop selling me

Published on Oct 9, 2020

I am so tired of upselling and the constant push to get me to buy more things or donate more money after my initial purchase/donation.

This is another area where I depart from the standard orthodoxy. I know why businesses do it. It works. Someone buys something, pump them for more. Someone donates money, they'll donate again if you keep hitting them over the head. 

I'm saying enough. I never want to get to a point where every email I send out is trying to sell something. That is being a true sell-out. 

Look at James Clear's newsletter that is one of @jasonleow 's favs. Other than a rare reference to buying his book, I don't see him selling anything. He just provides short nuggets of wisdom.

I blame the people who developed the concept of a "sales funnel." As soon as I see a series of emails swirling me into some funnel, it's an immediate unsubscribe from me. 

I'm also not interested in reading pages and pages of your ad copy telling me how great something is or watching a 45-minute video. If I can, I'll scroll all the way to the bottom or to the end of the video to see what is this "miracle product" and how much it costs. That's really all I care about, if I care about it at all.