Stop Hiding

Published on Jul 9, 2019

After reading @brandonwilson 's post I jumped on the podcast, browsed to 1:01:42 and started listening to what Seth Godin has to say about writing daily.

Seth Godin publishes one piece of content every day on his personal blog. It's about developing two things: attention, and trust.

When you pay attention to your life, you never run out of ideas to write about.

More importantly, writing in public makes you accountable: you can point people toward what you wrote. Blog posts are concrete thoughts you vouch for. They enable trust.

One piece of advice echoeing what we are all doing here on 200WaD is to stop hiding.

Writing in private has its use cases. You might be journaling to get personal things out of your system, or you might be creating paid content.

If you don't fall in those two categories, there is no point in hiding. Quite the contrary, you are missing out all the benefits of confronting yourself to the real world.

There is nothing mundane about exposing your thought process to the world. No matter how boring it might sound to you, there are people out there who will find it inspiring. We live in a world where having an audience is an incredible leverage to create an impactful change: you can't change the world by yourself, but you can explain what you do and what you think.

Your voice matters more than you think, so don't be this kid hiding in a corner all alone. Get real.