Stay safe, stay open

Published on Nov 9, 2020

The Premier stepped out on the stage again today to announce the removal of more COVID-19 restrictions. Gone was the old purple background with the slogan, "Staying apart, keeps us together", and it was replaced with a new slogan, "Stay safe, stay open". After nine days of no new coronavirus cases, Victoria is in great shape, and the new slogan provides a much more optimistic outlook for our state.

As the Premier says, we can be proud of our efforts, and optimistic about the future, but without a vaccine, we must remain vigilant. From tomorrow, we will be able to move more freely, with bars, cafes and restaurants able to have more patrons. Even cinemas will be able to open to a maximum of twenty people per screen. There is no change to rules around mask-wearing, and so we must keep wearing them when outside our homes. 

If we keep up this trend, we will see further restrictions eased in two weeks. As we start to approach Christmas, it looks like we may be able to celebrate a bit of Christmas cheer with our families. Wouldn't that be great?

In other interesting news today, a local biotech company will start manufacture of a coronavirus vaccine from tomorrow. Based on the vaccines being developed by Oxford University and the University of Queensland, they are taking a punt on making it whilst the vaccine is still being tested. If the trials are successful, then Australia could have almost 30 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine for release in the first half of next year.