Startup Founder vs Creative Entrepreneur

Published on Oct 2, 2020

Startup founders have become the rockstars of our time, just look at a business magazine, book or podcast. To become a successful startup founder seems to be the dream of many. What if beyond the startup and scale-up hype there was a less-known path to be an entrepreneur that suited you better? 

A path that was less about the companies' growth and more about personal growth and enjoyment? A path that was more creative and aligned with your values and life? 

Many entrepreneurial people think that the startup way is the way. They learn how to build a business and measure its success based on the startup way. "I need investment." "I need to make it big and then it will be successful."

What if your company didn't have to become big to be considered successful? What if 100 - 1000 satisfied customers and a happy founder and team was enough? What if your idea didn't need to be unique?

What kind of company would you set up? Let's explore the path of a creative entrepreneur.


Below for clarification purposes you find my definitions of a startup founder , creative entrepreneur and freelancer:

A startup founder starts a new company with an innovative product or service that is highly scalable and likely to have outside investment.

A creative entrepreneur creates offers using her talents as a self-employed or by setting up a business. Creations can be content, designs, courses or communities.

What's the difference to a freelancer? 

A freelancer offers her time against money to an array of different clients with different needs whereas the creative entrepreneur tends to solve a problem for one specific target group.